About Watershed


The mission of Watershed Media is to cultivate shared and commons-based services, resources and infrastructure for public-interest journalists and media producers, and the communities they serve.


  • Publish and promote news, information, research and commentary
  • Provide fiscal-sponsorship outreach and intake for independent journalists
  • Article and content hosting
  • Nonprofit program and strategic services


  • Advocate for public-interest journalism and news media as post-industrial, post-consumer, and rooted in the commons. We support, advocate for, research and report on alternative media and audience models, including co-ops, shared producer services, public (as opposed to walled) gardens, crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer systems, and community organizing.
  • Build capacity in networks of public-interest news and media producers through shared infrastructure for media production, publishing and financing — including fiscal sponsorship, platform co-ops, open-source systems.
  • Inspire and facilitate community support for qualified independent producers through aggregation, cross-promotional and crowdfunding services.

Project Committee

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Tax Status

The Watershed Media Project is a fiscally sponsored affiliate of Independent Arts & Media — a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing nonprofit financial management services to noncommercial, independent media, journalism, arts and cultural programs serving diverse community needs.